I haven't been real too particular impressed with his fielding

I haven't been real too particular impressed with his fielding, but he did just fine today.JR did a great job blocking balls in the dirt, hit a RBI double, walked once and reached on a HBP and scored a run he didn't have a chance to get in on the replica Longines L3.640.3.96.7 Men's watch Astros stolen base parade they ran wild on Doumit 3 steals for Bourn, 1 each for Carlos, Pence and Feliz (yes, Feliz??!)Tommy Manzella hit a RBI double (his first double of the year) and made a bunch of really nice plays.No he's not Adam, but he's really good.

Gave up a 408 HR to Wily Mo Pena (replica Bedat 838.010.300 Ladie's watch with all these HR? It's NOT like Roy-O…) Then after 68 pitches in 4 innings AND running the bases after he singled in the third, guess he got hisself tired enough to get sharp and started throwing those FB for K on the outside corner.In fact he got in such a groove, that after Adam Everett overthrew to Bagwell and didn't get the DP then Biggio grabbed up LaRue's slow roller in front in Everett and didn't throw fast enough to get LaRue (NOT Mr.Speed-Person) out at first that he didn't even blink, just got Lopez out on a comebacker to the mound.

Emotions under control.Eric Milton gave up 3 HR, he gave up the most in the majors last year SAID it was because of Philly's ballpark yeah, sUre -solos to Biggio (el-cheapo 330 into the Crawford Boxes) and Ensberg (390 opposite field replica Bedat 728.010.101 Ladie's watch into the right field bullpen) and a 2 run job to Bagwell 447 (370 into the Crawford Boxes.) But he did sure nuff throw strikes just too many over the plate…Defense- well, no web gem catches, but Ryan Freel didn't advance from second on a fly ball to right that Jason Lane caught almost at the wall because that dude got hisself an ARM, yes he do.

I didn't expect to even go to the game today I KNEW I'd be SO tired after my brother's wedding

At Shea, he has 5 IP, 1 H, no runs, no BB and 9 K.Of all the current Mets, only Miguel Cairo has managed one hit.I hope it’s another good game.And of course, I hope that the Jackal, whiffs, misses easy FB and gets CS (yes, it’s personal!)uI replica Bedat 114.020.100 Ladie's watch believe we're at 4-1.We were 2-3 last year, when we were a good bet to win the WS.I didn't expect to even go to the game today I KNEW I'd be SO tired after my brother's wedding (he did great, he didn't fall out like he kept thinkin he gonna, said “I DO” like he's the luckiest man on earth, which he is except for Husband of course) then finally gettin home and gettin up at 5 to see what had happened to my Stros yesterday, get everyone ready for church.

So after church, Mama comes up to me, has the biggest S.E.G and says, I got tickets, grab the boys, and Husband says NO! the kidz need a nap a LOT more, so Mama and I and 2 of her friends and their sons head off to the ball park.I didn't argue with Husband I replica Bedat 308.011.100 Ladie's watch he gonna be napping with kidzz about 1 minute after they go through the door….Great day for a ballgame.Overcast, humid, not much wind.Of course, I DO think every day a good day for a ballgame…Roy is 11-0 with a 2.51 ERA against the Reds lifetime.Cool.Roy was NOT sharp through the first 4 innings threw a LOT of pitches, half of them balls, and was giving up long fly ball outs, instead of Ks.

I hear tell that Roy “asked for the ball” but this is freaking APRIL, not the playoffs, and we can't afford for Roy to get hurt.If he DOES get hurt, or if he sucks for 3 straight starts, you best believe I AM gonna be all OVAH Phil's butt for that one.He has no say over Biggio's playing but he DOES have a say over Roy's.I don't see why Sampson replica Ulysse Nardin 263-33-3.92 Men's watch will be fine for the dome in Milwaukee but not fine for the Dome in Houston.Yeh,I know that Roy is cocky and thinks he can pitch any time, anywhere, but I hope this isn't stupid macho.Roy vs the Marlins: Sergio Mitre, RHP, age 26, was traded by the Cubs, where he was spot starter and relief pitcher, along with Ricky Nolasco for Juan Pierre.

Has 36 IP since being called up last summer career 3.47 ERA

Has 36 IP since being called up last summer career 3.47 ERA, 1.21 WHIP and .254 BAA.lefties do a little better, slightly more walks and hits, but no cigar.None of the Mets have ever seen him.And he hasn’t been finding the strike zone real too well yet…And of course, BRAAD : RHPLights O U T!Career replica Bedat 728.310.800 Ladie's watch, 1.12 WHIP and .195 BAALefties hit him “better” BAA .222 vs righties .190, but they all be swingin at that slider and it don’t do them real too much good…..

And thank goodness for the best promotion EVAH, the free soda for the designated driver we needed that today fer SHER.So where was I? oh yeah Lance hit his first homer of the year, one of his opposite field jobs into the Crawford Boxes replica Longines L2.703.4.16.2 Men's watch Charlie Morton kept throwing him those high, off the plate FB.Charlie needs to learn how to keep the ball down because he doesn't throw hard enough to throw high.As Pedro Feliz and JR Towles, who hit his first double of the year, showed him.Pedro hit 2 singles off high FB, and GIDP and made an excellent grab of? a ball in the dirt to tag a runner coming into third.

Biggio hit a single to left and a double, raising his hits total to 2944, which raises him to 30 on the all-time hits list.He now has 642 doubles.AND let's not forget he was HBP tonight, raising his total to 283, just 4 behind all time leader replica Ulysse Nardin 226-68-581 Men's watch Hughie Jennings.Maybe he'll get tomorrow off.It's supposed to be raining and cold.But maybe not.youneverknow Well, unless something changes by game time tonight, Roy will be pitching tonight just 3 days after throwing 120 pitches in 5 difficult innings in Philly.

Who knows who is gonna show up tonight.vs Houston

Who knows who is gonna show up tonight.vs Houston, he’s 6-5 in 14 GS 16 HR, 26 BB, 67 over 86.2 IP 4.14, 1.30 WHIP and a .264 BAA—-Lance Berkman has been slumping badly since ST ended.He almost hit one out last night, but Borchard, the RF replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-7.62 Men's watch made an AMAZING leap and grab at the wall to catch the ball.Otherwise, he’s been getting on base and been scoring runs.At the GAB, he’s had 97 PA and hit 12 HR.

He’s hitting .309 and slugginh .742 there.And he isn’t too shabby at Miller Park neither .340 BA and a .660 SLG.Maybe he’ll find his swing on the road again…NEWS UPDATE: I just read that Jennings was placed on the 15 day DL retroactive to April 9.This replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66.62 Men's watch means he comes off on the 24th, just 6 days away.Apparently, they think that tendonitis heals fast.I sure hope that is right and he doesn’t hurt himself even more.

former Met: LHPhe is replica Bedat 888.018.100 Men's watch can NOT get righties out at ALL.Cliff Floyd is 2 fer 10 with 2 BB and a K.Mike Cameron is 1 fer 3 with a BB and a K.Marlon Anderson is 2 fer 4 with a BB and a KChad Harville : RHPpitched 2 innings at Shea last year giving up 2 H and no runs.( career vs lefties .265 BAA, vs righties .276)Mike Cameron 0 fer 3, 1 BB, 1 KDavid Wright 1 fer 2Chris Woodward 0 fer 1Marlon Anderson 0 fer with a BB.Chad Qualls: RHPhas never pitched at Shea.


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